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The Legends Step Up and Speak Out

By Gary Hall

If you're someone who isn't really interested in baseball, you'll be amazed at the enjoyment this book brings you. If you're someone who watches a game now and then, you'll be genuinely surprised as you read about the unique experiences and friendships of twenty-four star major league players, managers, announcers and umpires, ten of whom have been inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame. Each chapter is written in their own words. And, if you're one of the millions of people who just can't get enough of America's National Pastime, you'll be ordering as many copies of "Baseball Legends & Legacies" as you can afford.

Author Gary Hall began his journey with some of baseball's legends in 1971, when he became a batboy with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The following year, he joined the San Francisco Giants as their batboy. In his book, Gary details his experiences with a virtual 'who's who' of baseball's legends and their legacies. Stars such as Orlando Cepeda, Al Kaline, Juan Marichal, Tito 23 Fuentes, Jimmy Davenport, Willie Horton, Vida Blue and many more of these great ballplayers and Hall of Famer's, share their fascinating career experiences. Of special note, the book also contains chapters from the greatest managers in the game, including Sparky Anderson, Dusty Baker, Dick Williams and others. San Francisco Giant's Hall of Fame announcer Lon Simmons, and colleague Jon Miller, who is soon to be inducted, have more than a few great moments in baseball history to pass on. Gary Hall was careful not to omit some of the men who literally make the "calls." The umpires. And, one of the most respected in the game, and also soon to be a Hall of Fame inductee, Doug Harvey adds his personal recollections.

Author Gary Hall maintains close personal and business relationships with many of baseball's legends highlighted in his book. In addition to writing, he is a business consultant and professional auctioneer. If you're ready to read and recall some of the most exciting, exhilarating and enlightening milestones in baseball history – just sit back, relax and join Gary Hall as ‘he takes you out to the ballgame’ in "Baseball Legends & Legacies."

–Kerry Glusovich

More information on buying or ordering "Baseball Legends & Legacies" is available at www.baseballlegendsandlegacies.com